Owning sports memorabilia has turned into a big industry within the UK over the last few years and right here at memorabilashops.co.uk we try and assist you in getting that treasured piece of history. Enthusiasts can pay hundreds, sometimes thousands  of pounds to get their mitts on a unique item of merchandise. And are usually willing to pay substantially more if it’s proved to be signed by a football team or big sports personality.

Nowadays it’s not essential to check out public auctions or memorabilia retail outlets to locate what you are actually after, most things can be found on the internet. There’s something for anyone, you may be seeking to make an investment for future years or perhaps you just want to purchase a suitable gift for an enthusiast, you will discover football memorabilia from international players right the way down to smaller clubs such as non-league football teams like Ebbsfleet United possibly even Dorchester Town.

Memorabilia takes various forms, both old and new such as:

Autographed Items – Get the football autograph you always wanted, autographed items gives you the chance to buy a unique piece of history from your favourite player or team.

Football Ticket Stubs & Programmes – As a hobby I collect a range of Ticket Stubs and Programmes and I have accumulate various items from games I’ve been to over the years. Collectors are always after programmes that are in great condition for their age.

Customised Gifts – Highly original personalised gifts may not hold the same value as other memorabilia, but there are still many people out there looking for something unique to add to their collection.


Fakes Warning  – Thousands of pounds of fake sports memorabilia are purchased on a yearly basis through internet and old fashioned shops. First-timers and pro collectors alike can be tricked into purchasing replica kits and printed autographed memorabilia.  Inside Out – North West have a very good article about fake sports memorabilia that’s worthy of checking out.

Want to find out if the merchandise signed your most-liked player is authentic? Below are some tips to ensure it is just as genuine as it is noteworthy.

Before You Purchase – Always do your homework, no we aren’t referring to your school days here. When purchasing any kind of memorabilia you should always carry out a bit of research to begin with. There are certainly numerous legitimate suppliers around so don’t allow the very thought of buying a fake discourage you.

Certificate of Authentication – Request a certificate of authentication (COA) by a reputable source, particularly if the item is pricey. Providers that specialise in selling sports memorabilia regularly arrange signing with top players. To complement the certifications, some of these companies take pictures of their items being signed.

Check The Origin Always ask the seller from where an item has come from. Football shirts can be extremely uncommon especially those from less well known teams like the ones you would find playing in leagues such as the Northern Premier League, this means the seller will probably be pleased to discuss the background of how they came to have it. The majority of football memorabilia sellers, particularly those that are selling bits of their personal collections, are fans too and aren’t offended by a few questions from buyers. In case you are still unsure whether a costly item is the genuine thing or not, work out a deal aided by the seller to have the item authenticated.

Before You Purchase on eBay – Assess both the item and the seller. Click on their listing to check out the product listing page where you should discover any details you’ll need relating to the item and seller. This can include a detailed description on the item, some pictures, buying options such as payment solutions, postage and packaging expenses along with the seller’s feedback reports. If you wish to ask a seller something relating to their listing, you can take advantage of the “Ask a question” link to communicate with them before you buy.

The eBay seller feedback function allows anyone to get to find out about all seller.s prior to purchasing. Go through the their user feedback to find out what other buyers are saying about a specific seller on the site. When purchasing memorabilia, make sure to check out the kind of items previously sold through them.